Choosing a good Private Investigator

How does one choose a good Private Investigator or PI?

Legality of the Private Investigator in Singapore

For starters, your private investigator of choice should be individually licensed and works at an private investigation agency licensed by the Singapore Police Force. Investigators in Singapore undergo training to ensure the evidence collected is legally-obtained and thus admissible in court. Anyone who tells you otherwise may be breaking the law and working with them will be at your own discretion and expense.

Connection and good vibes working with your Private Investigator

Next will be the consideration of how you feel about your Private Investigator handling sensitive issues like Matrimonial, Domestic and other Personal Investigations. A lot of times, you might be sharing issues that are deeply emotional to allow us to step in and help with problems through our craft. It is only natural that we form some kind of kinship, fostered through empathy and a close working relationship.

Hiring an investigator that you can open up to comfortably will benefit you greatly. Many past clients have also shared that it can be a cathartic experience that brings relief. Being able to communicate with your Investigator will also help achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently. It is also rather important for your PI to be discreet, honest, upfront about costs and take safeguarding your privacy seriously like what Ranger Investigation & Angels Investigation does.

Transparent, Honest, Ethical and  Upfront Business Conduct

Other considerations when hiring a good investigator is to ask their years of experience and to know the modus operandi of how evidence will be gathered. With a better understand of what you are paying for, you will be more comfortable with the actions that will be taken before proceeding. Any qualms or questions should be brought up prior to task commencement to ensure the best possible outcome.

Finally, the cost of the investigations is what most clients focus on. Some agencies have packages while some charge by an hourly rate. While knowing your budgetary constraint is important, one should not focus solely on cost and should balance out the other factors as outlined above before making a final decision.

Whether you prefer a Male Investigator or a Female Investigator, we are here to support you through a non-obligatory discussion with RANGER / ANGELS. When you need the support in tough times, we would like for you to experience personally why many have chosen us to be their Investigators of choice.

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