Process of hiring a Private Investigator

Hiring A Private Investigator In Singapore – The Process

You’ve thought about it – mulled over the decision for days, weeks, and perhaps, even months. You’ve looked through websites, and blogs, called up different agencies. Finally, you are ready to hire a Private Investigator. In most cases, RANGER/ANGELS will arrange to meet you face to face for an initial consultation to best understand your situation.

First Interaction & Understanding The Support You Need

During the consultation, we will discuss the situation at hand in detail. Depending on the information or evidence you need for your situation, we will advise you with the possible plan to procure the necessary deliverables. With more than 30 years in the craft, RANGER INVESTIGATION is well-equipped with the experience and expertise to help you out.

If you decide to appoint RANGER as your Investigators, we will then sign a contract as required by the Police Licensing Regulatory Department (PLRD) that allows us to begin working on your case. After which, simply sit back, and allow us to gather the evidence for you at prime time.

Delivering Quality Evidence For Use After Investigation

When the case is completed, we will put together the collected evidence, and present it to you. When the information gathered has proven sufficient for your cause, we would have done our job well, and wish you all the best in resolution.

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