RANGER Private Investigators (PI)

Who are Ranger PIs? Most people associate private investigators (PIs) with ex-Police or ex-Military personnel. In actuality, PIs come from all walks of life. Past and current Ranger PIs include career investigators, ex-Police personnel, ex-Military personnel, private security personnel, housing agents, financial agents, insurance agents, drivers, IT specialists, engineers, students, legal professionals and even an ex-jockey! […]

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Be mentally prepared before using private investigator (PI) services

Preparing to use a Private Investigator (PI) Many Clients go through a phase where they will deliberate with themselves or a close confidante whether they should hire a private investigator (PI). Some spend long agonising hours thinking, moving back and forth, taking sides and end up losing sleep, feeling nauseous or not eating well. My

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Investigating Moonlighting Employees

Effects of Employee Moonlighting Employee moonlighting is an unhealthy practice that takes place in many organisations. On the surface, it is condoned by many “as long as it does not affect performance”. In reality it is inevitable that performance will be affected as the employee are usually distracted, sometimes sleep deprived as well. In more sinister cases, loyalty

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Evidence Collected by Private Investigators

Quality Collection By Ranger Private Investigations Evidence collected by private investigators need to be relevant, obtained legally and unadulterated. There are 2 categories in general: Direct and Indirect. Direct evidence proves a fact without any presumptions or inferences and can either be direct testimony of a witness, item or document. Indirect evidence (also termed as circumstantial) proves a fact

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Angels Services

“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulder and made it look like a pair of wings”  – Ariana Dancu And that’s what Angels Services is about. We are about acceptance, authenticity, change, courage,  empowering women to make a suitable decision and positivity. Angel Services is

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What does a PI do?

Qualified Private Investigators (PI) In Singapore A Private Investigator, termed PI for short, is someone who works for a private client to gather evidence to support a claim in/out of court. In Singapore, all Private Investigators are required to be licensed by the Police Licensing Regulatory Department (PLRD) and work under a licensed Private Investigation firm. As

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